Calendula Officinalis

Calendula is one of the most versatile plants in the herbal medicine cupboard. Beautiful to look at (who doesn't love golden flowers!), it is commonly used to calm and soothe skin, as a

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A beautiful yellow "weed", but what a versatile source of herbal goodness! Different parts of the plant offer different consituents such as....

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Another common "weed" but with a long history of use in medicine: from the Roman soldiers soaking bandages in daisy water, to a recent trend for use in skin creams. This undervalued little plant, which closes its eye at night (daisy is thought to be derived from "days eye") is sometimes referred to as the "poor mans echinacea" which really undersells this lovely little flower

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Plantain (Plantago)

Another "weed" you might have seen along the roadside, yet a highly nutritious green plant for many grazing animals: and what lucky animals they are!. Plantain has been used in traditional healing for....

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Ah.... chickweed... a plant with the word "weed" in it! Stellaria is a great product for salves, with a cooling and soothing action. We use it together with plantain and dandelion to sooth chapped lips, or skin rashes.

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Another traditional "weed" long used as hedging in Europe, but used (with caution), for both its berries and flowers as cordials and cough syrups. At Xen Botanicals, we use it as a topical treatment in salves: